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Awesome Organic Pet Food

Pet owners love their pets and want what is best for them. Feeding them chemicals several times a day just is not what is best for them. Switch to organic pet food and feel better at each and every meal time. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have. Whether it is a german shepherd, a yorkie, golden-doodle, a small little poodle, or a long dachshund – Organic is better. And of course it does not matter what kind of cat or bird you have either. Whether it’s an indoor short hair or an outdoor cat. Continue reading

Dangers of Electric Fence for Dogs

Danger of Standard Electric Fence for Dogs

A standard electric fence for dogs can be extremely dangerous. These fences use high voltage electricity to shock the animal when it touches the fence. It is supposed to work by causing pain and resulting fear to keep the animal away from the boundary. The amount of electricity can stop a small animals heart and give them instant heart failure and death. Continue reading

Wireless Electric Fence for Dogs

Electric Fence For Dogs

There is no question that using traditional electric fence for dogs is not safe and not humane. Although still in use for cattle and other large livestock it is not acceptable option for keeping small pets in the yard. The other option for electric fence for dogs has been an invisible fence that involved digging a small shallow trench for burying a cable that is used to send a signal to a collar that your dog is wearing. It is an acceptable electric fence for dogs but it is not inexpensive and can be a mess to your landscape.

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How to Potty Train Dogs in 3 Easy Steps

3 Steps – How to Potty Train Dogs Beginning Steps

Learning how to potty train dogs is overwhelming if you look at the whole picture.  Like many projects that take time it is difficult to be patient if you just keep seeing how far you have left to go.  The best way to complete a project like potty training dogs is to celebrate each step and keep seeing the progress you have made instead of focusing on what is left. Continue reading